Employ These 6 5S Tools to Boost Your Metal Manufacturing Efficiency

CNC Mill Scoot

Employ These 6 5S Tools to Boost Your Metal Manufacturing Efficiency


5S model is the latest tool model used in heavy machinery industry. 5S is a contraction for Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Employing 5S products in any metalworking site significantly boosts the efficiency. Incorporating 5S tools assists machinists and operators to work faster in a convenient and effective manner.

Modern manufacturing firms are shifting their attention 5S tools and products. This is because of the impeccable quality and service these contraptions are capable to deliver. Implementing 5S in the working facility allow manufacturing businesses to improve their operations and push profit margins.

Add these 6 types of 5S tools to enhance your metalworking operations:

 CNC Mill Scoot

CNC Mill Scoot

Apt for all types of CNC milling machines, a 5S CNC mill scoot comes with multiple lockable storage drawers. The machine tool supports powder-coated trays and L-angles along with heavy-duty industrial casters. A 5S CNC mill scoot offers maximum ease of working with nylon inserts nuts and a black anodized aluminum handle.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Built-in peg board for organizing small tools
  • Bench type tray for each type of CNC holder
  • Bottom tray for storage

CNC Lathe Scoot

A 5S CNC lathe scoot is idea for using with CNC turning centers. Supporting a solid steel-built, the 5S tool comes with a peg board for assisting machinists and operators with organizing small tools. The tool supports heavy-duty industry-standard casters.


  • Dedicated collet-trays for storing collets
  • Multiple storage drawers with ball bearing slides
  • Base tray for storing consumables
  • Nylon inserts nuts

CNC Wire Sink EDM Scoot

Ideal for CNC wire EDM as well as sink EDM machines, an ideal CNC wire sink EDM scoot flaunts a rigid and sturdy steel construction. It should feature multiple storage drawers having ball bearing slides, allowing to be locked when required. A quality CNC wire sink EDM scoot comes with a separate tray for holding several M8 screws and all steel-16 gauge.


  • Peg board for storing and organizing small tools
  • Double tray system, crown tray and bottom tray, for storing consumables
  • Powder-coated trays and L-angles
  • Heavy-duty industrial casters for rugged use
  • Nylon inserts nuts
  • Black anodized aluminum handle

Grinding Scoot

To assist machinists and operators with grinding machines, 5S grinding scoot is available. The metalworking tool comes with a peg board for each grinding wheels for organizing. A 5S grinding scoot comes with double trays, top and base, for storing consumables as well as powder-coated trays and L-angles.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 3 or more lockable storage drawers
  • Nylon inserts nuts to minimize loosening
  • Handle with black anodized aluminum built

Manual Mill Scoot

For those looking to enhance working with manual milling machines, 5S manual mill scoot is an ideal machine tool to have. The contraption is available for both horizontal as well as vertical milling machines. These tools are made from industry-standard steel to provide a stronger service.


  • Dedicated R8 Collet tray
  • Powder-coated trays and L-angles
  • Double tray system
  • Hardwearing industrial casters
  • All steel-16 gauge

Gun Drill Cart and Drill Scoot

A 5S gun drill cart and drill scoot is a 2-in-1 contraption to be used with gun drilling machines. Flaunting a strengthened steel construction, this machine tool comes with powder-coated trays and L-angles. Like other products following 5S standard, a 5S gun drill cart and drill scoot comes with heavy duty industrial casters, all stell-16 gauge and a black anodized aluminum handle.


  • Storage for drill bits
  • Supports diameter ranging from 3/16” to 2.000”
  • Space for storing fractional and metric drills
  • Nylon inserts nuts for avoiding loosening

Uratech is offering Sturdy Cutting Tool and Tool Holder Storage Systems at Reasonable Prices

When it comes to cutting tool storage systems, no manufacturer can match the expertise of Uratech. Based in Canada, this company has achieved unbeatable reputation and good will by consistently offering high-quality cutting tool storage systems. Combining excellent quality and superior designs, Uratech supplies a wide range of tool storage systems that serve buyers for decades.

Made following the highest industrial standards, the offerings of Uratech have received accolades from different industrial sectors. Its products are used by many well-reputed industrial clients. By the dint of hard-work and continuous innovation, this company has created a niche for itself in a competitive marketplace.

While replying to questions regarding the products offered by Uratech, one of its senior executives commented, “Our products offer unfailing quality and add ease of functionality to industrial workshops and manufacturing units. Our present product list includes CNC Tool Carts, Material Utility Carts, Work Stations, Stainless Steel Carts, 5S Products and Collect Racks. Our CNC Tool Carts are available in 48, 35, 28 and 24 holder capacity variants. We use durable red nylon inserts for holding equipment and tools. Smart and efficient designs are our forte and we always try to offer more value at competitive prices.”

Uratech serves a wide spectrum of industries including the hospital industry and hotel industry, with its unmatched products. This company manufactures two types of mobile carts, one for hospital use and another for restaurants. The mobile carts for hospital use have separate gloves compartment, bottle compartment, coffee cup holders, and blood test tubes, making them perfect for multiple usage purposes. Made with mirror polished stainless steel, these mobile carts are environment-friendly and durable. Their other excellent features are thermo plastic rubber casters, double ball bearing, and Protech. Another quality of the mobile carts is that they can be assembled really quickly in six easy steps.

In order to further highlight the features of products offered at Uratech, the senior executive has added, “Our CNC tool carts are made of 16 gauges, cold rolled steel, which lends an unparalleled durability to it. The bottom tray of the tool carts is designated for consumables. There are two more trays in the front for more space and tool storage. The black anodized aluminum handle and industrial casters make using the carts much easier.”

Uratech manufactures five 5S products which are CNC Mill Scoot, CNC Lathe Scoot, CNC Wire Sink EDM Scoot, Grinding Scoot and Manual Mill Scoot. There are also collects racks available in different rack series such as 25 rack series, 50 rack series and 11 series. With such great variety of products available surely Uratech is the ideal resource for CNC work Station.

About Uratech

Uratech is a Canada based and family owned manufacturer offering exceptionally well-made cutting tool storages. Established in 2002, it has grown from strength to strength, meeting the changing needs of its clients. Its professionalism, quality workmanship, and effective performance have together helped it gain leading position in its niche. Uratech is the best resource for getting utility cart.

Uratech Rolls out Quality Yet Competitively Priced CNC Tool Carts and Work Stations

Uratech specializes in offering quality and competitively priced products, such as CNC tool carts and work stations.

Main Text:

Uratech is a family owned Canadian company that strives to provide its customers with leading edge technology. The company has been in business since 2002 and has gone from strength to strength because of its capability and determination to overcome challenges. After starting its journey as a small machine shop, Uratech has grown into a company that manufactures finest quality products in the metal manufacturing industry. Meeting and exceeding customer requirements since its inception, Uratech has set benchmarks in terms of quality workmanship, effective performance, competitive pricing, on time delivery, and professionalism.

A senior executive, while providing a brief insight into Uratech stated, “With more than 20 years of quality manufacturing, Uratech has evolved as a one stop shop for CNC work stations, CNC tool carts, and utility carts up to 11000lbs capacity. We actively participate in the process of enhancing our product quality, durability, reliability, and maintainability. Additionally, we do our best to provide ample growth and development opportunities to our entire team. We strive to work as true partners with our customers for assisting them in the best ways possible. Our commitment to provide exceptional value in everything that we do and offer works wonders for enabling customers to achieve their operational goals.”

CNC tool carts, material utility carts, stainless steel carts, 5S products, and work stations are the products that Uratech offers. CNC tool cart that the company offers come in four different models – bench, steps, shelf, and the ladder model, each having a different functionality. They all come with durable red nylon inserts, a bottom tray for consumables, nylon inserted nuts to avoid loosening and with a holder capacity ranging from 70, 48, 28, 105, 56, 24, to 35 holders. The utility carts that Uratech offers include heavy-duty mobility cart, welded cart, medium utility cart, secured utility cart, and shelf metal rack utility cart.

Shedding more light on the products on offer, the senior executive added, “Under the stainless-steel cart category, we roll out two types of carts – hospital use mobile cart, and restaurant use mobile cart. Our hospital use mobile carts are easy to assemble in six steps. They come with features, such as thermo plastic rubber casters, double ball bearing, and a top tray that is ideal for keeping blood test tubes, gloves, and bottles. Same are the features of the restaurant use mobile carts that we offer, except for the fact that its top tray is ideal for keeping coffee cups, bottles, and food items.”

Uratech offers work stations – the CNC work station and the mini CNC work station. Both the types speak volumes of quality and functionality. They are ideal for use for operators and programmers. Prior authorization is required for returning goods bought from Uratech in new, unused condition and in original packaging. Additionally, warranty registration must be completed within 10 days of purchase for validating future warranty.

Author Bio

Uratech is a family owned and Canadian made company and a preferred partner in the metal manufacturing industry that has expertise in manufacturing quality products. The company today stands tall as one of the most reliable sources of cutting tool storage systems.

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