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How to Remove Bad Business Reviews from Online Platforms

Remove Bad Online Reviews from the Google Business

One thing that really bothers online businesses today is how to get the best online reviews. This is because positive reviews will bring in more customers while negative feedback or reviews will have a more devastating effect on your online business.

However, the major problem with this system is that some people who have not really used your product or services may also update negative comments to harm your online image. But don’t worry; you can hire the best SEO Company in USA to minimize the adverse impact of such bad reviews.

First of all, you must be clear about The Times of Post and further use the SEO services to strategically place positive reviews on The Times of Post and remove all the bad reviews from your website. Here are some ways you can remove bad business reviews from different online platforms:

  • Steps to Remove Bad Online Reviews from the Google Business

Remove Bad Online Reviews from the Google Business

Google is the most common and important source of customer information and interaction. Following are some strategic ways to remove negative reviews from Google Business:

Step 1: First, make sure that the given review is genuine. If you feel a review is false, inappropriate or offensive, you can simply report it for removal by the Google’s administrative team.

Step 2: Contact that particular reviewer directly for asking the reason for such negative comment.

Step 3: Don’t forget that your engagement with the negative reviews is public. So, you need to respond appropriately, otherwise, your further bad comments will discourage customers from using your services or products. Try to respond positively, as it will show that you take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Steps to Remove Bad Reviews from Your Facebook Page

To remove negative or bad reviews or comments from Facebook is not difficult. If you’ve hired the Top SEO Company in USA for this purpose, they’d suggest you opting for the given two options. The first one is to directly remove such bad reviews from your business page by clicking “x” a comment box.

The second method is to remove negative star ratings. Following are the steps to remove your negative reviews and ratings on Facebook:

Step 1: First, log in as the admin of your page.

Step 2: With page editing too, you can now edit your business’ address information.

Step 3: In this step, you have to uncheck the box showing your business’s location on the map.

Step 4: Buy saving this option, there will be no negative star reviews visible on your Facebook page. But remember this will hide all the positive reviews as well.

Steps to Remove Bad Reviews on Amazon

This is for the third-party sellers on Amazon who have no control over the items and contents sold on this huge online platform. Following are the easy steps to remove bad comments from your Amazon product page:

Step 1: Track down the person who has left the negative comment to ensure it’s accurate. If so, you can explain the customer about your situation and after that, they will have 60 days to remove their negative feedback as a sign of satisfaction.

Step 2: If your issue has not been resolved with the customer, you can contact the Amazon team directly. If their administrators determine that your complaint about review removal is valid, they will delete the incorrect review within 90 days.


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