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A well-optimized website is necessary for businesses to help them reach to the masses through the internet network. Therefore, it is essential to enable images, videos and content processing through SEO optimization.

Even a few milliseconds of delay can hamper your online business and productivity. THE TIMES OF POST SEO Company in Sydney, Australia is here to help you resolve all SEO-related issues on time. We understand why your website cannot afford to slow down due to speedy delivery and performance update demands of customers. Therefore, we offer your faster and optimal services to help you with both online and office SEO.

Why website speed matters?

Well, even one second of page response delay can result in approximately 7% of conversion losses. The speed is everything for a good website, as businesses can win or lose customers within a fraction of seconds. It is a matter of a few seconds when you can impress your online customers by showcasing your company’s assets, USP and giving them the reason to stay on your page.

How does THE TIMES OF POST SEO Company Australia help to improve your website speed?

  1. Image optimization and resizing

We cannot deny the fact that images are the most appealing part of any website. If the load time is slow, it simply annoys customers, as they are just too impatient to wait for images to load. To avoid the issue, we help you by compressing the images by reducing the image size. Furthermore, we recommend the customers to optimize their images by saving them in SEO-friendly format. This helps your website to run properly without interruptions.

  1. Trim HTTP requests/ redirects

Being the highly experienced and skilled SEO consultant Sydney, THE TIMES OF POST recommends trimming of HTTP requests and redirects. The smaller the number of requests, the better will be the website performance. We make sure that your website has fewer redirects that can further make another HTTP request.

How do we do this?

  • We try to keep the coding clean and also simplify the design.
  • We create one master file by connecting JavaScript and CSS.
  • We prefer sprinting, which combine multiple images.
  • We prefer CSS coding rather than uploading more images.
  • We try to minimize JavaScript, as well as style sheets.
  1. Take advantage of CDN

Being the best SEO company Sydney, we have observed that people living at large geographical distance are likely to face more load time and other glitches on the website. This can be fixed all thanks to Content Delivery Network (CDN), a geographical server that helps your global customers to receive faster content. With the help of CND, the process of spreading servers worldwide can be streamlined and it also reduces the load time for both mobile and web users accessing your website across the globe.

Fix all broken links

With help, you optimize the website with the best SEO Sydney so that no broken links can affect your content. The broken links can either lead to bad user experience or affect your SEO. But all thanks to our experience and top-notch services, we offer you the best solution. We usually use SEO analysing tools to go deeper into the website to identify any broken links and errors. Once detected, we redirect these broken links as needed for proper website functioning.

  1. Consider your web hosting

To help your website with the best SEO Sydney, THE TIMES OF POST recommends the clients to review their web hosting. You might be using a cheaper web hosting plan but being the experienced SEO agency Sydney, we recommend you to go for a more dedicated plan with larger distribution and server space. This helps your website to run optimally even when the website traffic increases.

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